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Spring 2021: Issue 13

News & Updates

Effort Certification Reminder

All PAATs to true-up effort statements for the July to December 2020 effort certification period must be in OSR's Worklist by 5:00 pm on Friday, May 28, 2021. Any PAATs, which are not in OSR’s Worklist by the deadline, will not be allowed to direct charge a PS Project ID and must be cost-shared on non-sponsored funds in order to true-up the effort statement.

In an effort to expedite the true-up process we kindly request that a note be entered on the PAAT to identify that the request is related to truing up an effort statement. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact OSR Effort Reporting

Lance Underwood - New Assistant Director of Research Administration

We are pleased to announce Lance Underwood as a new Assistant Director of Research Administration in the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). Continue

New Billable Per Unit (BPU) Projects

Learn more about this new process and related guidance for identifying and managing Billable Per Unit (BPU) projects. Continue

Change in Links for OSR Operating Standards

Effective May 1, 2021Operating Standards and Procedures for the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) were officially migrated to a new University repository for policies, standards, and procedures. Continue

Changes Coming to Student Payments

Beginning August 2021, payments for student stipends, scholarships, fellowships, awards, or any other payments that directly benefit education-related expenses for undergraduate or graduate students will be entered in GradStar. Continue

Research Spotlight

Research UNCovered showcases the many faces of research at Carolina, from undergraduate students to faculty, across all disciplines. 

Learn more here.

Training Opportunities

New Billable Per Unit Project Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the new BPU project process and also allowed campus users an opportunity to share feedback and ask questions.

COVID-19 Impacts Webinar Series

The COVID-19 Impacts Webinar Series seeks to provide clear guidance to research administrators as they manage projects during these uncertain times.

Science and Security Webinar Series

The Science and Security Webinar Series seeks to provide up-to-date guidance on managing projects in a cooperative and secure manner. 

NCURA Award Lifecycle Webinar

The NCURA Lifecycle of the Award webinar series offers training on several broad research administration topics relevant to research institutions.

Carolina RAPiDs Foundations Training

OSR Carolina RAPiDs (Research Administration Professional instructional Development system) is designed to provide a comprehensive training program for research administrators at UNC.

Staff Updates

Research Administration

Lance Underwood Assistant Director of Research Administration
Adam Decatur Sponsored Projects Specialist
Derek DeLong Sponsored Projects Specialist
Lindsey McLean Sponsored Projects Specialist

Sponsored Projects Accounting

Heather Keck Sponsored Projects Accountant

Did You Know?

Q: What is a Billable Per Unit (BPU) Project?
A: Billable Per Unit (BPU) projects are defined as contracts that provide for an indefinite quantity of supplies or services rendered during a fixed period, not to exceed a funding ceiling (“up to” amount) or a price per supply/service (“per unit” amount), as specified in the agreement.

Q: Who invoices BPU projects?
A: The department is responsible for invoicing all BPU projects. Click here for more guidance.

Q: How will I know it's a BPU project in RAMSeS?

A:  BPU projects established April 2021 and after, will have a 6xxxxxx PS Project ID.

For more frequently asked questions, see our FAQs page. To submit your questions to OSR, click the 'Ask OSR' button below. 

In Other News

Fiscal Year-End Closing Dates

The final dates for transactions to post to Fiscal Year 2021 have been released. Please keep in mind May 28th and June 18th for OSR related transactions. Continue

World Travel System Launched

Effective immediately, all new airfare requests created in CABS will be booked through our new travel agency partner, World Travel, Inc. Continue

Cost Share Funding Requirement on Sponsored Projects

In order to appropriately balance cost share in ConnectCarolina, a new process is now in place that departments must complete when processing cost share. Continue

Revisions in NIH GPS

National Institutes of Health (NIH) released Notice NOT-OD-21-107 which announces the publication of the April 2021 revised NIH Grants Policy Statement. Continue 

Overview and Demo of Concur Travel

A recording of the overview and demonstration of the new travel system, Concur Travel, is now available. The video covers the essentials of booking flights and using the expense reporting application. Continue 


VCard Payment Method 

For some vendors in ConnectCarolina, VCard has been set up as a new payment option. If you see VCard as the payment method, you will not be able to change the method of payment. Continue 

Mid-Year Mileage Allowances Update 

For travel on or after April 1, 2021 mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS standard mileage rate (56 cents per mile) regardless of the number of miles driven. Continue 

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